Employee Spotlight: Aimee Fuller

Name: Aimee Fuller
Title: Underwriting Assistant
Start Date at GVC: October 9, 2013
Fun Fact: Aimee is also our in-house photographer

1. Common phrase that describes you?

“My Cup Runneth Over.”

2. Favorite song?

“Black” by Pearl Jam.

3. Favorite movie?

Great Expectations.

4. Childhood role model?

Caroline Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie.

5. Favorite cartoon character?

Calvin and Hobbes.

6. TV shows you’re watching?

Suits, Vikings, Survivor, and Face Off.

7. Last good book you read?

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.

8. What do you like to do in your free time?

Hiking, photography, and listening to my family play music.

9. Random fact about you?

I don’t wear read or drink anything out of a can.

10. Favorite thing about GVC?

GVC is by far the best job I’ve had in my career. There’s no better place to work.

We’re happy Aimee is part of our team. Since joining our family in October 2013 she has advanced and made her way to our underwriting department. Thank you for all you do for us Aimee!

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