Finding Your Home Style

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Decorating to reflect your personality.

Have you recently moved into a new home? Are you itching for some updates to your current living space? Maybe you’re trying to be a little bolder with home décor. Or maybe you just need a change! 

No matter the reason, redecorating is always fun! But it can be challenging, or even stressful to find the right look and style for your space and personality.  

Not sure which home décor style is your taste? We’ve pulled together a few key traits of some of the most popular design styles to spark your creativity.  

Modern: of or relating to present and recent time; not ancient or remote 

Does your home have an open floor concept and an abundance of natural light? If so, lean into the possibilities of a modern style. Compliment these features with natural materials that reflect the build style of the home and a neutral color palette.  

When it comes to shopping for décor, seek out items that are not only practical and functional, but also environmentally friendly. Get spunky by mixing in some geometric shapes. This could be in the form of table decorations or even in a wallpaper or rug pattern. Or get really creative with hexagonal or other fun shaped picture frames. 

Colonial: relating to or characteristic of a colony or colonies 

Are you a lover of early American history and architecture? Then colonial style might be your favorite style!  

This style is made up of simple, traditional design. The front door is centered, with a plain exterior. Subdued, dark colors are associated with colonial style. Polished wood floors are a staple of this aesthetic.  

While this style might feel a little stiff by definition, it is also met with a little “country” to bring in a relaxed feel. Don’t think farm and ranch—think hilly, open countryside.  

Coastal: characterized by the reflection of natural seaside elements in home through color and texture 

Lover of all things beach, waves, and relaxation? Coastal is it!  

Think nautical. Hues of blue. Rattan and whicker. Surf and sky. 

Coastal décor style brings in all of the things you love about a day at the beach to the inside of your home. Choose décor that reminds you of sunshine and the ocean. Search for textured items. For example, if you love the feel of the beach, get a piece of wall art that is texturized to feel like the beach. Use your design pieces to activate more than just the sense of sight. Carry the theme throughout your home to help rooms flow together seamlessly.  

Contemporary: belonging to or occurring in the present 

Keep it simple with contemporary décor, also known as subtle sophistication. What does this mean? 

This style is focused on showcasing space, not items. Décor pieces are modern and current. Search for fresh, not new pieces, unlike the antique pieces of a colonial look. If you’re looking to add an accent chair, go for a neutral, solid fabric like black, grey or cream. Incorporate texture with a fringe throw pillow. Contemporary design is majority subtle color with pops of fun, unexpected design mixed in.  

Contemporary design pulls the home together with a focus on clean, curved lines and natural materials. If you are looking for natural lighting options, utilize large window panels for the look of clean lines. You can never have too much natural light, seriously. A complete wall of either glass windows or sliding doors allows for beautiful daily views and reaching the epitome of the contemporary look. 

There are more design styles than these featured four, so be sure to dive a little deeper if you don’t find that any of these resonate with you. You want your home to be a place that reflects your personality.  

Still need some inspiration? Flip through some home magazines, browse Instagram décor pages, and let your imagination run wild.