Little Updates, Big Difference

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Quick, easy home updates to elevate your space!

Are you looking to update your home on a budget? Maybe you’re ready to tackle your first DIY project. Or, maybe, you just want to make some home décor updates that can be knocked out in a weekend.  

Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered with some fun, easy—and budget friendly—projects. 

Don’t worry, even if you’re a renter, these are damage-free projects to personalize your space! 

Trendy Tile

If you haven’t heard of peel and stick tiles, it’s about to become your new favorite thing! 

Peel and stick tiles are designed to be temporary replacements OVER your current tile or laminate flooring. Talk about easy! This project is ideal for small spaces, like bathrooms, entryways, or closets.  

This product is a lightweight, faux tile that comes in various patterns and can be easily cut with an exact-o knife or even sharp scissors. No mess, no fuss!  

Application is as simple as peeling the backing off and placing it on your designated spot, much like a sticker. Add pressure to secure tile pieces to floor. 

If you really want to ensure securing of tile pieces to the floor, use adhesive glue. Once you are ready to replace or remove tiles, use a dissolving agent, like Goo-Gone, to break down adhesives that remain on the original flooring. 

Pro Tip: Use this product in a half bath and avoid a full bathroom with a shower. This is because the moisture in the air from the shower steam can cause the tiles to loosen their grip and separate from their placement. 

Keep it Renter Friendly: When it comes to getting your lease deposit back, we’re here to offer pro tips! Avoid extra adhesives. Instead, create a prepping layer for the tile to stick to. A simple preparation is to lay down stripes of blue painter’s table over the entirety of the floor, wall to wall.  

Light Up a Room

If you live in an old home, there's likely a lack of overhead lighting. If you’re tired of trying to make do with floor lamps, this home back is for you! It requires zero hard wiring and limited handy work! The easier, the better, right? 

Light up a bedroom, literally, with some cordless wall sconces. Remove the light that comes with the sconce, replace it with a battery operated, remote light. Attach this with command stripes. Then, use command strips on the back of the sconces to attach them to the wall. 

Create a cozy bed space by placing these above your nightstands on either side of the bed.  

Pattern You Can Peel

Not a fan of white walls, but don’t like to paint? Introducing: Peel and stick wallpaper! 

This process is very similar to the peel and stick tile mentioned above. Packaging in options of sheets or rolls, this décor piece goes directly over your walls. You can simply paper one accent wall to make it pop or a whole room.  

The best part about this? It's renter friendly too! 

Simply apply some heat with a hair dryer to loosen the adhesion and slowly peel away from the wall to remove. 

New Hardware? It's Easy.

An easy way to level up the look of your kitchen is to upgrade to new hardware. From brass to class, add spunky cabinet knobs to showcase your personality. Or skip the colorful approach and add black hardware for a sleek look.  

If you’re a renter, keep the original hardware on-hand to swap back out when your lease is up. 

Do you have a free weekend coming up on your calendar? Prepare for home projects by browsing online or visiting the home improvement store to get all of the supplies you need.  

We’d love to see your creative projects! If you try one of these décor suggestions, leave a comment with a picture.