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Turning Your Spare Room into an Oasis

Maybe your kids moved out and made you an empty nester, or storage space has been cleared out, or your home office just needs a revamp. 

Whatever the reason for the spare room in the house, there are some easy ways to spruce it up with minimal effort for maximum use! 

Office Overthrow

If you work from home or you or your kids just need a dedicated space to focus on studying or catch up on bills, a home office is a great use of a spare bedroom.  

You want the space to be relaxed, yet help you stay focused. Below are some ideas of what to include to create a functional office space. 

  • Enough lights so eyes aren’t strained (overhead or lamps) 
  • Brighten up the wall color 
  • Add a pop of fun with a featured wall decorated with wallpaper 
  • A sturdy desk that meets your needs (drawers, file storage space, computer monitor space, standing option, etc.) 
  • Door that properly shuts 
  • Sound barriers of some sort, if necessary  
  • Bookcase 
  • Desktop supplies, writing utensils, organizational tools 

Open for Visitors

Create a welcoming space for your out-of-town visitors with an updated guest bedroom! You want your guests to feel like they’re at a home away from home, so adding a few extra touches can make a big difference 

  • Toiletry essentials basket (everything from shampoo to toothpaste to a travel brush) 
  • An oversized chair or space to lounge that isn’t the bed 
  • Drawers in either nightstand or dresser to store important items (maybe a passport or book) 
  • Throw blankets 
  • Bottled water 
  • An extra cell phone charger  
  • Mints (if you really want to get fancy) 

Game Room! 

Every home needs a space to gather for a family board game night or a movie night with friends. Sometimes, the living room doesn’t feel like the right place for that, or more than one child has friends over and they each want their own space. 

A separate game room is a fun way to create a family and friend hang-out space.  

Transform a guest bedroom into the ultimate theatre room with a comfy couch – bonus points if it reclines like the fancy movie theatre chairs! Add a projector screen to the wall to really create the theatre feel. Retractable screens are a great idea, if you don’t want them to always be the center focus of the room.  

Add décor and functionality with a coffee table! This allows you to personalize the look of the room by picking out a new coffee table. AND, that table can also serve as the perfect place to assemble a puzzle or gather around with the family for a game of cards. 



Now that you have some ideas, it’s time to put that spare room to good use! Do you plan on transforming it into one of these three options or something else?