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Following a Plan for a Smooth Move

Are you getting ready to move? Did you just purchase your first home? From packing to address changes to the logistics of moving day, the process can be overwhelming. Having a plan and staying on track can alleviate stress.  

Packing Timeline

4-5 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Holiday Decorations 
  • Wall Décor  
  • Unused items in garage and/or storage spaces 
  • Out of season clothing items 

2-3 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Clothes (leaving out plenty for the remainder until moving day) 
  • Extras of anything (blankets, throw pillows, decorations, curtains, rugs, etc.) 
  • Extras of anything (blankets, throw pillows, decorations, curtains, rugs, etc.) 

The Week of Moving Day

  • Remaining clothes and personal items 
  • Labeling all boxes for easy relocation 
  • Carefully pack all breakables and antiques 
  • Securely pack important documents and items 


Before Moving Day

If you’re enlisting the help of family or friends, make sure to communicate the moving date, time, and new address. If you are hiring professionals, call and get quotes from local companies and schedule ahead.  

Pro Tip: Professionals know how to properly lift, pack, and move items without stress. The fee it costs may be worth eliminating the stress and hassle! 

Address Changes

Before you move, be sure to visit the post office to set up a forwarding address! You don’t want to get behind on any bills or other paper mail.  

REMINDER: Set up electric, gas, water, sewage and any other utilities beforehand to ensure everything is set up and functioning on moving day.  

After you’ve settled in, start the process of an official address change.  

  • Driver’s License  
  • Car Registration & Insurance   
  • Bank, Credit Cards, Debit Cards 
  • Place of Employment 
  • Health Insurance Accounts 
  • Doctors Office, Pharmaceutical Accounts 
  • Post Office 


Ease your stress and have a smooth moving day by following these tips and timeline! 

If you’re just thinking about moving and haven’t started the home financing process yet, we’re here to help get you started. Find a mortgage consultant near you here.