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An FHA loan is popular option for first time homebuyers.

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What are the benefits of an FHA loan?

Lower down payment

Lower down payment.

The minimum down payment for an FHA home mortgage is only 3.5%. That means if you’re purchasing a home for $175,000, you only need a little over $6,000 for your down payment.

Easier credit qualification

Easier credit qualification.

Credit score plays a huge part in the type of home loan you qualify for and the rates you’re eligible for. FHA loans offer some of the lowest credit requirements of any loan.

Covered closing costs

Covered closing costs.

Some loans require the borrower to cover all of these associated costs. Good news. With FHA loans home sellers, builders, and lenders are able to pay some of these costs.

Approved FHA lender

Approved FHA lender.

The Federal Housing Administration does not lend directly to borrowers. Instead, it relies on vetted and approved mortgage lenders to assist borrowers with FHA financing.

Steps to an FHA loan.

Our mobile app, Mortgage Express, helps you get pre-approved quickly. It’s secure and you can upload all required documents straight into the app to save you time and energy.

Your GVC Mortgage Consultant will keep you and your agent updated every step of the way with our Milestone Updates.

Your consultant will assist you with everything you need and help you setup your closing appointment.

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Frequently asked FHA questions.

How much do I need for an FHA loan down payment?

Your down payment will partially depend on your credit score.

The higher your credit score, the lower your down payment can be. The minimum down payment for an FHA loan, however, is 3.5%.

The higher your down payment, the less interest you’ll pay over the life of your loan and less you’ll pay month to month.

What are the FHA loan limits?

The Federal Housing Administration changes the loan limits that it will insure every year.

The maximum, also known as the ceiling, and the minimum, also known as the floor, vary according to the cost of living in each area.

To learn more about the limits in your area, contact a mortgage consultant.

What are the credit score qualifications for FHA home loans?

You must have a minimum credit score of 500-579, but will need a minimum down payment of 10%.

To be considered eligible for the 3.5% down payment, you need a credit score of 620 or higher but you should contact your mortgage consultant for more information.

Do I have to pay mortgage insurance with an FHA loan?

If your down payment is less than 20%, you'll be required to pay mortgage insurance.

With an FHA home loan, you’ll pay two types of mortgage insurance premiums.

When you get the loan, you’ll pay an upfront premium, which will be .75% of the loan amount. Most of the time, an upfront premium can be rolled into the financed loan.

The second type of mortgage premium is an annual premium, which is a paid monthly according the terms of your loan.

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