Our Mission

GVC Mortgage, Inc. is a community focused mortgage lender. We provide the right home loan program for your situation and guide you through the next step in your financial life. As a family-owned company, we see our employees as family and cultivate a culture of support to better serve our community.

Our Story

GVC Mortgage, Inc. Owners

Our owners in 1996 and again in 2016

For 23 years, GVC Mortgage, Inc. has served communities all over Indiana and the Midwest by placing value on homebuyers and a more simplified home loan process.

Founded in 1996 by siblings Mary Anne Wattleworth, Bradley Voyles, and Tammy Carey in honor of their father, the company is proud to continue calling Pendleton, Indiana its home. From the company’s founding through today, family plays a pivotal role in the growth, success, and culture of the company. With over 90 employees at the corporate office, GVC Mortgage intentionally maintains a small town feel and commitment to the community.

GVC Mortgage began with a desire to emphasize the value of home ownership and simplify the home loan process. It is this commitment to homebuyers that allows the company to grow and assist families in the purchase of their dream homes. Since 1996, GVC Mortgage has served over 33,000 borrowers and provided over $4.25 billion in total funded loans all while maintaining the tradition of putting the borrower first.

With a 98.4% satisfaction rate, GVC Mortgage continues to not only prove its commitment to helping families, but its commitment to making the home loan process as simple as possible. These are the values that allowed the company to scale to over 240 active employees with an average tenure of 5 years and will continue to drive local and regional growth.

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