In 1996 siblings Mary Anne Wattleworth, Bradley Voyles, and Tammy Carey founded GVC Mortgage, Inc. in Pendleton, IN. They named the company in honor of their father. GVC stands for Gene Voyles and Children.
Simply put, we believe in both the value of home ownership and the importance of simplifying the home loan process. We know our industry can be intimidating so we go to great lengths to provide personalized service.
Since we were founded, it has been our pleasure to serve both the people and the communities we operate in through the funding of tens of thousands of home loans. Today, we continue to build on our personal service and speed of which we close loans.

Our Mission

We are a family owned mortgage lender dedicated to making the home loan process simple and fast.

Our Core Values

We have been through the same ups and downs of the mortgage industry everyone else has, however, our core values have never faltered. Because of this we emerged stronger and have continued to grow.


We handle each home loan like it is our only loan.


We close loans fast, in as little as 8-12 days.


We make sure all information is safe and secure.

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