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The GVC Mortgage Perrysburg Team

Clark Jarstfer

Clark Jarstfer

Branch Manager, NMLS# 1533178

States Licensed in: OH, IN, MI
Luke Holding

Luke Holding

Mortgage Consultant, NMLS# 1900201

States Licensed in: OH, MI
Tori Riess

Tori Riess


Members of our team are licensed in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana which means we can help you with home financing throughout any of those states.

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About GVC Mortgage Perrysburg

We believe two things directly contribute to a successful mortgage loan experience: understanding the process and customer service. When it comes to your homebuyer goals, we make them our goals. In order to create a stress-free mortgage loan process, our mortgage company constantly communicate and educate homebuyers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time homebuyer or a fifth-time homebuyer, our mortgage lender team is dedicated to helping you achieve homeownership.

As a Perrysburg, Ohio mortgage lender, we’re able to offer multiple options for buying a home. Having a wide range of loan program options like FHA home loans, USDA home loans, VA home loans, Conventional home loans, and more allows us to better serve homebuyers.

About GVC Mortgage Perrysburg

The Mortgage Process

When it comes to finding the right home loan for your purchase, there are several things to consider. As a trusted Toledo mortgage company, the team at GVC Mortgage Perrysburg, will walk you through all the necessary steps to secure the home loan program for your specific situation. Typically seen as a complicated process, we do our best every single day to reduce the stress, increase the personal attention, and create a seamless mortgage loan process for every homebuyer.

Step 1: Talk to a mortgage consultant

Step 1: Talk to a mortgage consultant

During this step, our goal is to learn about your situation and help you discover the right loan program. Because no two homebuyers are the same, we really must understand your finances, what type of home you’re looking to purchase, and where you’re looking to purchase before we can make a loan program recommendation. This is also the step where you’ll get pre-qualified for your loan. Talking to a mortgage loan officer from our mortgage copmany and pre-qualifying for your home loan means you’ll have a better understanding of your budget and the mortgage loan process.

Step 2: Apply for your home loan

Step 2: Apply for your home loan

Don’t worry, before your mortgage loan application is sent to the underwriters, we’ll review it with you to make sure everything checks out. Once we’ve cleared it and sent it to the underwriters, they’ll look over your documents and verify that you meet the loan program’s specific guidelines. This step is exactly why we must ask questions and better understand your situation in the first step of the mortgage loan process. Only by understanding your situation and homebuying goals can we recommend a viable option for you.

Step 3: Close on your dream home

Step 3: Close on your dream home

The last step is by far our favorite step because it means we get to welcome you home! After your mortgage loan application goes through the underwriting process, it’s time to close on your home. This is also the step where you get to sign a bunch of paperwork, but, don’t worry, we’ll be there with an extra pen, in case your pen runs out of ink. Plus, after you sign all the paperwork, you’ll get the keys to your new home and you can finally move in!

Finding the Right Mortgage Loan Program

Because no two homebuyers are the same, no two home loan programs are the same. It’s all about your qualifications as a buyer, your location, and your financial situation. The team at GVC Mortgage Perrysburg has access to a wide variety of loan programs that are designed to help you achieve your goals of homeownership all with the backing of a trusted Midwest mortgage lender.

FHA Loans

FHA home loans are designed for those needing a mortgage loan with some flexible guidelines. Removing barriers traditionally associated with mortgage programs, FHA loans offer lower down payment options and easier credit qualifications.

USDA Loans

USDA home loans are for borrowers looking to purchase in more rural settings. As a rural development program, USDA loans offer zero down payment mortgage solutions for qualifying borrowers and properties.

VA Loans

Created specifically for active military personnel, veterans, and U.S. Military families, VA home loans offer qualified borrowers a no down payment loan option with lower credit score qualifications.

Conventional Loans

Conventional home loans are great for those who have saved the traditional 20% for a down payment, though smaller down payment options exist for Conventional home loans, as well.

HomeReady Loans

HomeReady mortgage loans are designed for low- and moderate-income borrowers to. These loans have lower down payment options and have flexible down payment contribution regulations.

Home Possible Loans

Home Possible mortgage loans offer flexible borrower qualifications available. Qualified borrowers, can access a loan with low down payment options, flexible sources of down payments, and income flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a home in Toledo, Ohio?

As a Toledo mortgage lender, we’re here to help you through the homebuying process. The first step is to speak with one of our Mortgage Consultants. We’ll learn about your homebuying goals and your financial situation. After learning more about you, we’ll have a better understanding of how to help you and we will make loan recommendations to help you achieve your homeownership goals.

From there, it’s all about your loan program and how quickly you’re looking to purchase. Unlike other Toledo mortgage companies, we can help you close on a loan in as little as two weeks, depending on the loan program.

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What are the best mortgage loan programs for Toledo?

When it comes to finding the best mortgage, it isn’t just about where you are located. Yes, property location does play a role. For instance, USDA home loans are restricted to certain counties and even areas within a county. For Toledo, though, there are several great options to consider. As a trusted mortgage lender, we only make recommendations after fully understanding your situation. GVC Mortgage is more than happy to provide a wide range of loan programs because that’s truly the only way to end up with the best program.

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How long does the Toledo home buying process take?

Without knowing your full situation, it can be difficult to answer this question. A commitment to communication and already having a home in mind means that we can help you close on the home in 2 weeks or less, depending on the loan program. However, in most cases it takes a couple of months. Because you need to be pre-approved for your loan, find a home, negotiate the sale price of the home, have the home appraised/inspected, and close on your loan it can take a little time for the process to be completed. If you stay on top of document requests, are upfront with your Mortgage Consultants, and work closely with your Realtor, the process can be extremely smooth, though.

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How much does it cost to purchase a home in Toledo?

Purchasing a home in Toledo is all about your financial life. At GVC Mortgage, we understand that no two homebuyers are alike. Because we understand this, we’re able to help each homebuyer as an individual. Our team works one-on-one with borrowers to determine the right loan program and the right budget for their homebuying goals.

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How much do I need for a down payment in Toledo?

Toledo home loans offer a variety of benefits all designed to give borrowers a financial life that they can manage. Because no two buyers are the same, no two programs are the same. The idea that you need 20% for your down payment in Toledo is not true. Yes, a 20% down payment will offset other costs, but it is not required to purchase a home. Some loans require absolutely no down payment for qualifying borrowers, while other programs require 3.5%-5%.

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I want to purchase a home in Toledo, where should I start?

The homebuying process in Toledo starts with us! Before you start house hunting, it’s a great idea to speak with a Mortgage Consultant who, based on your financial situation, can help you better understand your homebuying budget. If you don’t have a realistic budget, you could end up wasting time looking at homes out of your price range. Instead, as a mortgage lender, we can help you start the entire process on the right foot.

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What if I want to purchase a home outside of Perrysburg?

Our team is licensed in Ohio, which means we can help you purchase a home anywhere in the state. Not to mention, members of our team also hold licenses in Indiana, and Michigan, allowing us to serve homebuyers from four states. We’re proud to serve the Perrysburg community and work with homebuyers in Maumee, Toledo, Bowling Green, Holland, Sylvania, and many other communities.

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