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Christopher Fantini

Christopher Fantini

Branch Manager, NMLS# 141161

States Licensed in: IN, KY

Members of our team are licensed in Indiana and Kentucky, which means we can help you with home financing throughout those states.

About GVC Mortgage Rockport

The mortgage process is often seen as intimidating, tedious, and overwhelming. As a Rockport mortgage provider, we’re doing everything we can to change that. Rather than put up new barriers for homebuyers, we’re working to remove them and make the process easy for those looking to purchase a home. At GVC Mortgage Rockport, we provide each borrower with a personalized experience including less paperwork and more one-on-one solutions. Our goal is to make the process simple. This should be a joyful time in your life not a hassle.

From day one, our goal, as an Indiana mortgage provider, is to remain focused on helping you achieve your homeownership goals. We provide a different kind of experience than many Indiana mortgage companies. We’re personal, friendly, and work the way you want to work. Being part of GVC Mortgage means our team has access to a variety of loan program options like FHA home loans, USDA home loans, VA home loans, Conventional home loans, and more all in the name of serving homebuyers.

How Can We Help You?

The Mortgage Process

Our goal at GVC Mortgage Rockport is to support you and your goal of becoming a homeowner. We do it by walking you through the steps of the homebuying process and only making recommendations we feel are in your best interest. From our initial consultation, we are fully committed to providing you with the communication and resources you need to successfully move through this process.

Step 1: Talk to a mortgage consultant

Step 1: Talk to a mortgage consultant

Before we can really get the ball rolling, we need to know that you’re interested in purchasing a home! We highly recommend talking with your team to learn about your options before you start house hunting. We’ll help you gain a better understanding of your budget, which means you can save time by only looking at house that you can realistically purchase. During this step, we’ll also speak more about your financial situation and what homeownership looks like to you.

Step 2: Apply for your home loan

Step 2: Apply for your home loan

This step is all about submitting your documents and information to our local, Indiana underwriters. It’s also the step that, typically, causes the most stress for homebuyers. To help alleviate that stress, we do our best to provide the type of communication you want. With many years of experience, we understand how communication has the power to reduce stress and worry. We’ll make sure you understand where your application is always at in the process.

Step 3: Close on your dream home

Step 3: Close on your dream home

Once approved, we start working on the final details and submitting everything to the underwriters one last time. When you get your final approval, it’s time to head to the closing table! You’ll need to sign a bunch of paperwork, but once you do that, you’ll receive the keys to your new home!

Finding the Right Mortgage Loan Program

A successful mortgage begins with the right mortgage loan program. As a Rockport mortgage provider, we understand that no two homebuyers come from the same situation. We’re proud to offer over 30 different home loan solutions that are designed with different buyers in mind. After carefully considering your qualifications, location, and finances, we’ll make a recommendation on which program we feel is best for you.

FHA Loans

FHA home loans are designed provide flexible guidelines for homebuyers. Removing barriers traditionally associated with mortgage programs, FHA loans offer lower down payment options and easier credit qualifications.

USDA Loans

USDA home loans provide financing for those looking to purchase in rural settings. As a rural development program, USDA loans offer zero down payment mortgage solutions for qualifying borrowers and properties.

VA Loans

Created specifically for active military personnel, veterans, and U.S. Military families, VA home loans offer qualified borrowers a no down payment loan option with lower credit score qualifications.

Conventional Loans

Conventional home loans are great for those who have saved the traditional 20% for a down payment, though smaller down payment options exist for this home loan as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mortgage loan programs for Rockport?

The best mortgage loan program for Rockport, Indiana has more to do with an individual’s situation rather than location. Before we make a recommendation on loan programs, we need to understand your finances and goals. Completing this step allows us to help you make a better decision about your homeownership goals. As an Indiana mortgage provider, we’re able to offer a wide variety of loan programs designed to help you achieve those goals.

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How do I buy a home in Rockport, Indiana?

Purchasing a home in Rockport, Indiana starts with us. While many are tempted to find a home and then a loan, the process goes much more smoothly if you have your loan pre-qualified or pre-approved before you start house hunting. By talking to our Indiana mortgage team early on, we can help you set a realistic budget, which will allow you to hunt for a house in confidence.

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How long does the Rockport home buying process take?

The timeline for purchasing a Rockport home looks different for every homebuyer. However, if you’re dedicated to the process and to communication, then we can help you purchase a home in two weeks or less, depending on the loan program.

However, the process typically takes a little longer because of the paperwork, appraisals, and other tasks needed to complete the process. One way you, as a homebuyer, can help the process move smoothly is by responding to requests and providing documents as quickly as possible.

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How much does it cost to purchase a home in Rockport?

Home prices are dependent on more than just their location. Ultimately, it comes down to the type, size, and location of the home. The process starts by talking to a Rockport mortgage provider, like our team. We’ll help you understand your options and set a realistic budget, which will allow you to hunt for a home.

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How much do I need for a down payment in Rockport?

Believe it or not, down payments come in many different sizes. And, contrary to popular believe, you don’t need 20% for your down payment. As a Rockport mortgage company, we’re happy to provide a variety of loans that allow homeowners various down payment options.

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I want to purchase a home in Rockport, where should I start?

We highly recommend that you start the home buying process in Rockport by speaking with one of our Mortgage Consultants. We’ll help you understand the process and your budget. Our goal is to help you get started on the right foot and set you up for mortgage and homeowner success!

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Can you help me purchase a home outside of Rockport, Indiana?

Yes, we can help you purchase a home anywhere in the state of Indiana or Kentucky.

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