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Kurt Fancher

Branch Manager, NMLS# 354570

States Licensed in: IN

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Larry Nutt

Mortgage Consultant, NMLS# 1228056

States Licensed in: IN

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Barbie New

Loan Partner to Kurt Fancher, NMLS #870614

Missy Eggleston

Loan Processor

Jasmine Loving

Loan Assistant

Members of our team are licensed in Indiana and Florida which means we can help you with home financing throughout those states.

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About Fancher Mortgage Group

Our goal at Fancher Mortgage is to create a personal mortgage experience for every homebuyer. With decades of experience on our team, we understand the difficulties and challenges homebuyers face. Because of this understanding, we’ve built a process designed to make the experience simple. Our team works directly with the homebuyer, their Realtor, title agency, and insurance provider to complete the transaction.

We have a guiding philosophy when it comes to homebuyers: no two are exactly the same. That means, we can’t just say, “this loan is right for you,” two seconds after meeting someone. Instead, we sit down with homebuyers to discuss their financial situation and their goals. We learn about their family and the home they hope to purchase. Only then do we make a recommendation.

How Can We Help You?

The Mortgage Process

From the moment a homebuyer contacts our team to the moment they sign the closing documents, we’re there for them. We sit down one-on-one to discuss goals and options. In addition to the one-on-one consultation, we help homebuyers compile their documents and submit their application. Then, our team carefully reviews every detail of the application to ensure that it paints an accurate picture.

Step 1: Contact our team

We meet with every client for a loan consultation. During this phase of the process, we educate buyers on the loan process and their options. Determining the right loan program for your needs is a crucial piece of the process. We’ll also provide an initial estimate and issue a pre-approval, so you can shop for homes in the right price range.

Step 2: Apply for your mortgage

This is the step, for many homebuyers, that becomes the most stressful. To apply for your mortage, you’ll need to find paperwork, fill out documents, and answer questions from our team. But, we’re in this together and once we’re done filling out the application, our underwriters will carefully review it. The goal is to make sure you meet the loan programs specific guidelines. 

Step 3: Close on your dream home

Once your mortgage application is approved, we can start working on the final touches! This step is all about making sure you get to the closing table without any major disruptions. Plus, once you sign all the paperwork at the closing table, you’ll be a homeowner! By far, our favorite part this whole process is watch homebuyer receive the keys to their new home.

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Finding the Right Mortgage Loan Program

We understand that you have unique needs and a unique situation as a homebuyer. Because we understand this, we’re able to find you the right loan program, which saves you time and money. It all comes down to your qualifications, desired home, and financial situation. Fancher Mortgage Group offers a wide variety of loan programs all designed to help you achieve your goals of homeownership.

FHA Loans

FHA home loans are designed provide flexible guidelines for homebuyers. Removing barriers traditionally associated with mortgage programs, FHA loans offer lower down payment options and easier credit qualifications.

USDA Loans

USDA home loans provide financing for those looking to purchase in rural settings. As a rural development program, USDA loans offer zero down payment mortgage solutions for qualifying borrowers and properties.

VA Loans

Created specifically for active military personnel, veterans, and U.S. Military families, VA home loans offer qualified borrowers a no down payment loan option with lower credit score qualifications.

Conventional Loans

Conventional home loans are great for those who have saved the traditional 20% for a down payment, though smaller down payment options exist for Conventional home loans, as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mortgage loan programs for Indianapolis?


Finding the best mortgage loan program in the Indianapolis area is more about your financial life and home goals than location. While location can play a part, we take a more holistic approach. We’ll review your finances and talk about the type of home you want to purchase. From there, we’ll help determine which loan program is best for your situation. Because we provide such a wide range of loan program options, we’re able to truly find the right one for you, which can save you time and money in the long run.

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How do I buy a home in Indianapolis, Indiana?


As an experienced Indianapolis mortgage company, we understand the importance of process. The first step is always to contact a qualified, experienced Mortgage Consultant. Our team will then walk you through the process, educate you on your options, and get you pre-approved, so you can start looking for houses.

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How long does the Indianapolis home buying process take?


With every loan, our goal is to create a personal, seamless mortgage experience. Because of our commitment, we continuously provide 24-hour underwriting services and provide after hours and weekend support through a fully staffed hotline readily available to Realtors and borrowers. By creating an internal appraisal department, we provide a local appraisal experience that averages a 5-6 day turn time. Plus, depending on the loan program, we can help you close in 2 weeks.

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How much does it cost to purchase a home in Indianapolis?


Indianapolis homes vary greatly in size and price. It’s more about finding a home that fits your financial and family needs. At Fancher Mortgage Group, our job is to help you guide you to the right loan program. We work one-on-one with homebuyers to help them find the right loan program to achieve their goals.

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How much do I need for a down payment in Indianapolis?


You are not required to put 20% down. A larger down payment can and will offset other costs, but we have access to several great mortgage loan programs that offer 5% or less as a down payment. It really comes down to the right loan for your goals and what your finances allow.

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I want to purchase a home in Indianapolis, where should I start?


We highly recommend starting with us! We would love to talk to you about your home goals and how we can help you achieve them. We’ll start with a free consultation that walks you through the process, your options, and is focused on getting you pre-approved.

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I don’t live in Indianapolis, Indiana. Can you still help me?


Our team is licensed in Indiana and Florida, which means we can help you purchase a home anywhere in those two states. We frequently help homebuyers in Indianapolis, Carmel, Broad Ripple, Westfield, Zionsville, Greenwood, Whitestown, Bloomington, Greenfield, Fortville, Fishers, and many more!

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