Severe Weather Emergency Plans

Severe Weather Emergency Plans

Keep your family safe and property protected.

When extreme weather strikes, you want to make sure your family is safe and your home is as secure as possible. In the Midwest, strong winds, hail, and tornados are some of the most common dangerous weather conditions. Check out these quick tips to prep for severe weather. 

Prepping for Hail

Hail is never fun. Mix that with wind, and there could be some damage to your property and belongings. Minimize vehicle damage by having a plan to pull your car into the garage or under a covering, if possible.  

Be sure to have your gutters and drainage areas cleaned out so the hail can drain as quickly as it melts. Also, if you have lightweight décor outside, such as throw pillows or cushions on patio furniture, make sure they are secured to the furniture to avoid blowing away.  

Tornado Safety & Preparation

While it’s important to protect your home during severe weather, the safety of your family is top priority.  

Personal Safety: 

  • Take shelter in a basement or the most interior, windowless room in the home 
  • For extra protection, go under a table or other heavy object 
  • Remain sheltered until warning is over, don’t exit early 
  • If you cannot find shelter indoors, find the lowest ground possible, like a ditch

Helping Your Home Withstand Tornado Weather: 

  • Install impact-resistant windows to endure wind and objects that may fly
  • Make sure all exterior doors properly secure 
  • If no basement, consider installing a storm shelter of some variation 


While we all wish that severe weather never happened, we can never be too prepared for when it does. Get ahead of the storm by knowing and practicing these tips before bad weather strikes.