Quick and Easy Thermostat Tips to Save Money this Winter

Quick and Easy Thermostat Tips to Save Money this Winter

Thermostat Tips to Save Money
Winter is upon us which means a lot less time outdoors and more time hunkering down in your humble abode. With the colder temperatures comes a higher set thermostat, thus higher energy bills. Use these quick thermostat tips to save money this winter.

Don’t hike the thermostat 

People’s first instinct when the cooler temperatures roll around is to turn the thermostat way up. In fact, the average house uses 38% of its total annual energy use on heating.   If your house is set to a higher temperature, consider turning it down a notch or two at a time until you reach a comfortable level. For each degree you turn your thermostat down, you cut your fuel consumption by up to 3%.

If your house is set to the 68°F recommended by the United States Department of Energy, you too can try turning it down a degree at a time and use more of the tips below to stay warm.

Don’t maintain a constant temperature

Some people think maintaining a constant temperature in their home will decrease their electric bill this winter. Depending on the temperature it’s set at, it probably will help, but the best thing to do is to turn down the thermostat for periods of 8 hours or more, like while you’re at work or sleeping.

Turning your thermostat back 10°F to 15°F during these long hours can save 5% to 15% of your yearly heating costs. Investing in a programmable thermostat will ensure your home is warm when you get home from work and first get out of bed, but cooler during the periods where you’re gone or you won’t notice because you’re snuggled warmly in your bed.

Don’t sacrifice your comfort

A lower thermostat doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort for a lower bill. These tools allow you to decrease your energy consumption while sitting comfortably in your home. If you’re still feeling chilly, try these 11 easy ways to keep your home warm.

What thermostat tips are you using to save money on your energy bill?

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