Your Front Door Says What?! What 5 Front Door Colors Say to Guests

Your Front Door Says What?! What 5 Front Door Colors Say to Guests

what color should you paint your front door

Are you considering a remodel project, but not sure what to tackle first?

Consider your home’s exterior! Sprucing up your home’s exterior can mean remodeling the porch, adding new pillows and cushions to porch furniture, or even installing a new mailbox. But what about your front door? The color of your front door can make or break a first impression.

You might not have thought about it, but your front door says so much to visitors. The color you choose for your door can be inviting or off putting. It might be melancholy or happy. So, before you slap a random color on your door that you think might look good, carefully consider some of the options below based on their meanings and what they tell visitors!


What color is more cheerful than yellow? A yellow door may be uncommon, but that makes it more cheerful each time one is spotted!

This bright color is thought to be curious and understanding. It shows that you’re confident enough to paint your door a bold color.

Want to show that you’re spontaneous and live in the moment? Grab a brush and start painting!


Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves—or their doors. Known as the signature color of hopeless romantics, pink makes for a spunky door color.

Pink often signifies having a nurturing personality, being loving and generous. It’s a staple color for southern sweethearts and hey, it works perfectly for holiday decoration during the month of February!


Comforting. Welcoming. Nature-friendly. Soothing.

When your front door is green, it could mean so many different things to visitors. A dark shade of green might give off an air of prosperity and wealth while a slightly lighter shade might show that you’re environmentally friendly or just love nature.

Want to really stand out? Choose a bright green color to catch the eye!


From modern to colonial to farmhouse, white is a staple door color for any style of home. But, what does it say to your neighbors and visitors?

A white door shows that you’re clean and organized. White is sleek. This is a classic choice for any front door if you just can’t decide between all the fun color options!

Red, Red, Red

One of the most popular colors for front doors is the ever-bold red.

Red doors have different meanings across cultures. For example, in Scotland, a door is painted red to symbolize that the home’s mortgage is paid off. A red door is said to bring luck in health in Chinese culture. In American history, a red door is said to signify a home as a safe spot along the Underground Railroad.

Today, though, a red front door signifies hospitality and is says “welcome” to all guests. If you love to entertain or host family for the weekend, red may be the right front door color for you!

Feeling inspired to repaint your front door one of these colors?

Make sure you have the right tools, but more importantly, think about what you want your door to say about you and say to your guests before you start painting.

What color are you feeling?

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