Why Do You Need Guilt-Free Spending Money?

Why Do You Need Guilt-Free Spending Money?

why you need guilt-free spending money

Have you ever made a purchase then later felt guilty about spending the money? You’re not alone, learn how to lay aside guilt-free spending money in your monthly budget to help eliminate your guilt.

Why do you need it?

There are two main reasons you need “you” money.

First off, if you stick strictly to your budget and don’t factor in some “you” money, you won’t be enjoying any of the money you’ve worked for – all work and no play is never fun.

Secondly, if you don’t have it in your monthly budget to begin with and spend it anyway you’ll most likely go over your budget.

By factoring in how much you want to spend on spontaneous purchases and fun things at the beginning of the month you’ll keep your budget more realistic, and hopefully your life a little more stress free.

How do you spend it?

The beauty of having “you” money is you can spend it on whatever you want.

If you end up not using it, allow it to carry over. If you overspend, subtract it from the next month.

The only criterion is you don’t use it to pay for household items you forgot to work into your budget, or any unexpected repairs to your home or car. Tweak the rest of your budget or dip into your savings for these unexpected expenses – if you save if for these reasons, you’ll always find a way to not spend it.

How much do you budget?

How much you decide to designate as fun money is up to you.

You could budget for $20 or $100 monthly. It just depends on how much spare money you have left over after you’ve budgeted for your bills and expenses.

Eliminate the guilt

Obviously if you’re in a situation where you’re just starting to save for retirement, and building up your emergency fund, you may want to budget less toward your guilt-free spending category – just make sure you budget some.

Don’t feel guilty about designating some of your hard earned cash on something you enjoy.

How will you use your fun money?

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