Stop Avoiding Spring Cleaning, Use this List to Get Started

Stop Avoiding Spring Cleaning, Use this List to Get Started

stop avoiding spring cleaning with these spring cleaning tips

Part of the challenge of Spring cleaning is not having a game plan. Simply saying, “I need to clean the kitchen” or “the garage needs to be cleaned and organized” is too ambiguous (and maybe too ambitious), so you never actually put in the time or effort. To help with that challenge, we’ve put together a focused list of Spring cleaning tasks to tackle.

The Kitchen

1. Sinks

Kitchen sinks tend to be the dump-all for crumbs and dinner plate leftovers. Do you feel like you scrub the sink clean but just can’t seem to kick the smell? Try putting slivers of lemon rinds down the garbage disposal. The rinds will be ground up and help combat the lingering odor. If you’re trying to tackle the smell of the drain and don’t have a garbage disposal, leave out a bowl of lemon rinds or whole coffee beans by the sink. This not only gets rid of a sink smell but leaves a great aroma for the whole kitchen.

2. Refrigerator

It can be easy to overstock your fridge in the winter. Expired food can hide in the back and easily go left unnoticed until you’re trying to hunt down the unpleasant stench. Take time to purge those expired foods and organize your refrigerator shelves.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to clean the water dispenser, and empty out and wipe down the ice tray!

3. Microwave

Microwaves can get messy, especially when food splatters on the inside walls when you’re reheating leftovers. Some food items are easy to wipe up with a wet dishcloth, but others are tougher to scrub away. To get that extra tough grime off, try using some white vinegar on the dishcloth. After the food splatters are removed, go over the area a second time with a plain, wet dishcloth. The strong vinegar smell might linger around for a little while, but your microwave will be shining.

The Bathroom

You use the bathroom to get ready in the morning, before bed, and many times throughout the day. Clutter adds up quickly. Give your bathroom a fresh feel with a thorough Spring-cleaning.

As you clean the shower, don’t forget to toss out any empty bottles of wash products and replace your loofa. While you’re at it, don’t forget about some easily overlooked areas:

1. Clean out the sink and shower drains
2. Dust around the light fixture
3. Swap out the shower matt every season
4. Organize the cabinets or drawers

The Closets

Do you find yourself tugging on your closet doors a little extra hard to get them closed because your closet is overflowing?

Letting go of clothing can be hard, but organization and a little more room is a nice alternative. It can be difficult to part with articles of clothing from important life events—such as prom dresses or an outdated tie—so, here’s a simple guide of questions to ask yourself as you tackle this task.

questions to ask yourself on how to help you decide what to keep and get rid of in your closet

If you’re looking to make a little extra cash, try selling your clothes online through resale sites. If you decide to donate your clothes, many organizations have drop-off locations.

The Garage

Last, but not least, don’t forget about your garage. This might not be a space that is known to make the cut for Spring cleaning, but it is just as important as any other room in the home. Garages serve as the catch-all storage space for cars, toolboxes, shoes, lawn equipment, and more. Get a fresh start to Spring by tidying up this all-purpose space.

When cleaning out your garage, spend some time checking the lawn equipment to make sure that it’s up-and-running as well as taking some time to clean it off. Don’t forget to organize your toolbox and workbench.

Also, if you use your garage as a storage space, take some time to sort through your stored items. Condensing storage can help free up even more garage space!

Spring-cleaning isn’t always a fun task, but it is one that can make you feel accomplished as you cross things off your list!

While there’s some extra time being spent indoors, why not tackle those projects you’ve put off! Oh, and while you’re at it, maybe even try a DIY project you’ve been putting off!

What are you going to check off on your spring cleaning list first?

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