How to Keep Your Kid’s Birthday Party Budget in the Black

How to Keep Your Kid’s Birthday Party Budget in the Black

save money on your kid's birthday party budget

Expensive birthday parties are quickly becoming a norm for kids of all ages., an event services website, reported 70% of parents spend at least $300 on their child’s birthday party.

If you want to throw your kid a party but don’t want to overspend, use these 8 tips to keep your child’s birthday party budget in check.

1. Make a budget

The first step to staying on budget is to make sure you have a budget to start with.

Pick a number you want to spend on your child’s birthday party and then see how that number fits into your overall household budget.

2. Pick a theme, but don’t go overboard

Whether you pick a theme or your child has picked the type of party they want to have, you don’t have to go overboard. You don’t need matching napkins, plates, and party favors.

If you’re really set on trying to match everything, try to coordinate colors. For instance, if your child chose to have a Spongebob Squarepants theme, you can grab some yellow or blue napkins to add a pop of color.

3. Limit your guest list

Providing food and drinks for your guests may be your largest expense. The fewer people you invite the less food and drinks you need to supply. It’s alright to only invite your family, or just a couple of your child’s true closest friends.

4. Bake your own cake

Your child will probably not remember the custom created Elsa from Frozen cake you ordered for his or her first birthday.

To save a few bucks, grab a boxed cake mix, decorate it yourself or include your loved one if they’re old enough to help.

If you’re not a baker, ask a friend or family member to bake a cake in lieu of bringing a gift.

5. Choose the right time

If you choose a lunch or dinner time you’ll be obligated to provide a meal for your guests.

If you choose a time around 2-4, then you’ll be able to get away with filling your guests with cake, snacks, and drinks.

No one will think anything about your choice in time and they’ll know in advance they need to plan their own lunch and dinner.

6. Plan ahead

The best way to save yourself some money is to plan in advance. Planning ahead means more time to look for deals and to pick up cheap items along the way.

Beware though, planning well in advance could mean your child might change their mind about what theme they want. Just be prepared.

7. E-vite rather than invitations

Instead of printing your kid’s invites or buying a stack of invites, send a digital invite to cut costs.

You can use Google to invite your friends and family, or a digital invite service like Evite.

Digital invites also have the potential to eliminate hurt feelings when paper invites are distributed at school or another public area.

8. Plan for the kids

Sometimes parents plan extravagant birthday parties to one-up the other parents who took their kids to a bowling alley or the zoo for their birthday party. Remember the point of the party is for the kids to have fun, not to outdo other parents.

Plan a few simple, kid-friendly activities to keep the little ones occupied and having fun. You’ll enjoy seeing your kid play with their friends and the other parents will enjoy the break.

Don’t forget to have a good time yourself.

You need to be able to cherish each day of your child’s life and their birthday is no exception.

Keep in line with the birthday party budget you created by using these tips and you’ll be guaranteed to make your child’s birthday a day to remember all while staying under budget!

How did you save money on your child’s birthday party expenses?

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