5 Simple Ways to Start Eating Healthy Right Now

5 Simple Ways to Start Eating Healthy Right Now

ways to start eating healthy

As easy as eating healthy should be, it never is. Your body always wants a delicious and decadent piece of cake, or some crisp salty potato chips. Cravings aside, here are 5 simple ways to make eating healthy a habit, not a chore.

1. Shop with a list

When you go to the store without a list you are tempted to browse more aisles than you need to which in turn leads to spending more on food you don’t need. Oftentimes the extra food you buy isn’t vegetables or fruit either which means you spent more money on unhealthy eating habits.

So, in the future, go through your cabinets and refrigerator and find out what you need, write it down, and only shop for those items.

2. Don’t shop hungry

Have you ever went to the store for an item or two when you were hungry but then ended up buying additional food you didn’t need?

Instead, eat a healthy and filling meal ahead of time so you won’t find yourself grabbing food items from every shelf.

3. Eat green

Normally healthy foods are green food like spinach, kale, green beans, and so on. So stop buying green colored boxes of snack bars—because those don’t count—and start investing in leafy greens.

4. Prep ahead of time

You’re less likely to eat the fresh fruits and veggies you buy if you have to clean them each time you want some. If you prep everything ahead of time it eliminates a step every time making it easier for you to eat more of your healthy snacks.

5. Eat fruit, not dessert

Although a piece of watermelon will never satisfy the craving of a piece of cake you just have to be strong enough to believe it will. Eating fresh fruit as dessert means you’re usually consuming less sugar and the natural sugar in fruit is better for you.

Bonus: Moderation is key

It’s important to clarify, you don’t have to eat healthy 24/7. You can have dessert, unhealthy snacks, or a cheat meal, just remember moderation is key. When you have a craving for something sweet, go ahead and eat some chocolate, just not 5 bars of it.

What are a few other easy ways to make sure you’re eating healthy?

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