10 Tools You Might Have Overlooked as A Homeowner

10 Tools You Might Have Overlooked as A Homeowner

tools you need in your new home

Congratulations! You closed on your new home and are getting ready to move in.

But, before you start unpacking boxes and settling in, double-check your toolbox.

As a homeowner, you’ll now be the person in charge of quick repairs and home maintenance. Unless a task is way too large or complicated, taking care of it yourself will save you some money. The first step in being able to do that is making sure you have the right tools.

You’re a savvy enough homeowner so you already have the basics (hammer, screwdriver, tape measure), but what else should be in your toolbox?

10 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Now that you know why you need a down payment, it’s time to figure out how to save for it.

1. Screwdriver Set

Like we said earlier, you have the basics covered. And, most likely have a screwdriver or two. As a homeowner, you’ll need different sizes and different types of screwdrivers. Investing in a small screwdriver set won’t set you back much and you’ll be ready for whatever your home may throw at you.

2. Utility Knife

It’s hard to beat a great utility knife. Need to open those moving boxes? Grab your utility knife. Want to replace the carpet in your living room with some hardwood flooring? Cut the carpet with your utility knife so it fits in the garbage can. You may not need it every day, but you’ll be thankful you have it when you do need it.

We highly suggest you get one with a comfortable grip and retractable blade. Safety first!

3. Cordless Drill & Bits

Before you start thinking, “yeah cause I want to spend hundreds of dollars on a drill,” hit the pause button. You can get a great DIYer style drill for not very much. And, you’ll be thankful you made the purchase. If you’re assembling furniture, hanging pictures, or cleaning your drains, a drill will come in handy.

4. Level

Speaking of hanging pictures, don’t you hate it when pictures aren’t level? Us too. And, with trends like gallery walls, unlevel pictures will be even worse. Purchasing a simple 2 or 3- foot level is your best bet. You’ll be able to keep that gallery wall in a level condition. You’ll probably end up going around the house checking the levelness of other surfaces.

5. Adjustable Wrench

Similar lists encourage you to purchase a full crescent wrench set, but you probably only need one or two of wrenches. If your adjustable wrench is too small to handle the job, then you’re probably messing with plumbing. And, unless you know what you’re doing, you should call in a pro. For your wrench, you’ll want something that can handle standard nuts and bolts, nothing too large.

6. Hacksaw

This one may not make it out of the toolbox as often as some other things, but a hacksaw is a great hand tool to have “just in case.” You might be thinking, “just in case what?”. Depending on the furniture you’re assembling or your DIY prowess, you’ll want a hacksaw. It’ll make quick work of cutting excess materials.

7. Stepstool

Okay, so this one won’t fit in your toolbox, but it’ll beat the heck out of using a chair. You never know when you’ll need to change a light bulb, replace the batteries in your smoke detectors, or reach something from the top shelf in the pantry. A small stepstool is the perfect “tool” to help you get the job done.

We recommend having this the day you move into your new home to assist in putting away your things.

8. Putty Knife

Want to paint a room in your new home? You’ll want a putty knife to scrape loose paint and smooth out spackling. Your putty knife is a versatile tool that can be used to remove paint, act as a knife, and smooth out compounds. Really, it’s going to be a lifesaver when you’re filling nail hole after nail hole in your new home.

9. Plunger

Again, this is something you might want to have on move-in day, if you don’t already have one. Plungers are another one of those tools that you just want to have on hand in case of an emergency.

10. Pliers Set

Here’s the thing, pliers are not all created equal. And yes, there is more than one type of pliers. As a homeowner, you’ll most likely only need two different ones: 1) needle-nose and 2) linesman pliers. The needle-nose pliers are great for bending and gripping small objects like nails and wires. For tasks that require you to fasten or crimp something, your linesman pliers will be a go-to. They are also perfect for when you just can’t quite grip something that is super tight.

When it comes to maintaining your home, if you are unsure of how to tackle a project it’s always best to call in a pro.

Know your limitations and understand that sometimes it really is cheaper to call in the professional and let them handle the project.

Now, that we’ve shared some of the tools you might need as a homeowner, we’re curious, what’s in your toolbox?

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