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Meet GVC Mortgage Kentwood.

Members of our team our licensed in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida which means we can help you with home financing in each of these states.

Jodi Thompson
Jodi Thompson

Branch Manager
NMLS# 426355

States Licensed in: MI

Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson

Senior Loan Officer & Credit Specialist
NMLS# 1017473

States Licensed in: MI, IN, IL, OH, TN, FL

Nate Lyster
Nate Lyster

Senior Loan Officer
NMLS# 988273

States Licensed in: MI

Jenny Ferguson
Jenny Ferguson

Senior Loan Officer
NMLS# 2149905

States Licensed in: MI

About GVC Mortgage Kentwood.

When it comes to purchasing a home the mortgage process can be intimidating, stressful, and confusing. Especially for first time homebuyers. That’s where we, GVC Mortgage Kentwood team, come in. We put customer service and communication first. Our job, as your Mortgage Consultants, is to help guide you through the entire mortgage and credit education process. We’ll talk to you about your home loan options, fill in the gaps, and even walk you through the paperwork you’ll need. Whether you’re buying your first or fifth home, we’re here to support you, your financial future, and your family. Our team is ready to help you accomplish your homeownership goals.

The home loan process.

The first step in the home buying process is to talk to someone on our team. We’ll set up a one-on-one conversation that results in a personalized plan to get you to the closing table. During this part of the process, we’ll review your finances, talk about credit challenges, and help determine the best Michigan home loan program for your goals.

After we’ve covered your mortgage loan options, we’ll get to work on your application. We’ll help you determine which documents you need, the right home loan down payment for your goals, and triple check everything before we submit it to our underwriters.

When your mortgage application is approved, we’ll schedule the closing and finalize a few last-minute details. This is the most exciting part of the home buying process because after you sign your closing documents, we get to welcome you home!

Finding the right home loan program.

FHA home loans are designed provide flexible guidelines for homebuyers. Removing barriers traditionally associated with mortgage programs, FHA loans offer lower down payment options and easier credit qualifications.

Conventional home loans are great for those who have saved the traditional 20% for a down payment, though smaller down payment options exist for this home loan, as well.

USDA home loans provide financing for those looking to purchase in rural settings. As a rural development program, USDA loans offer zero down payment mortgage solutions for qualifying borrowers and properties.

Created specifically for active military personnel, veterans, and U.S. Military families, VA home loans offer qualified borrowers a no down payment loan option with lower credit score qualifications.

Frequently asked questions.

What are the best mortgage loan programs for Kentwood?

Your home loan program is about more than location. Yes, location can play a part, but it’s really about your finances, qualifications, and home goals. That’s exactly why we take the time to learn about every homebuyer we help.

How do I buy a home in Kentwood, Michigan?

Start by talking to our team! We’d love to help walk you through the process, get you pre-qualified, and help you understand your real budget. If you’re worried about your credit score, we offer free credit education to help get you to where you need to be.

How long does the Kentwood home buying process take?

You’ve probably been told that the homebuying process takes months and months to complete. Sometimes, that’s the case, but if you’re committed to communication, we can help you close in weeks, depending on the loan program.

How much does it cost to purchase a home in Kentwood?

Houses in Kentwood come in a large variety of prices and sizes. Ultimately, it’s about what you’re looking for and need in a home.

How much do I need for a down payment in Kentwood?

Your mortgage down payment is dependent on a few factors like loan program and home purchase price. You might have heard you need 20%, but in most cases, you’ll only need 0-5% for your down payment.

I don’t live in Kentwood, Michigan. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! Since we’re licensed in Michigan, we can help you purchase a new home anywhere in the state including Kentwood, Holland, Grand Haven, Kalamazoo, Wyoming, Cedar Springs, Zeeland, and many more.

We're also licensed in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida so we can you with home financing in each of those states.

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