5 Easy Ways You Can Have a Lower Summer Energy Bill

5 Easy Ways You Can Have a Lower Summer Energy Bill

lower summer energy bill

During the summer months trying to keep your house cool and your energy bill low can be a challenge. These 5 tips may be your solution to maintaining a lower summer energy bill. Try them out and start saving.

1. Turn your fan on

Ceiling fans are more energy efficient than air conditioners. Keep in mind though, fans don’t necessarily cool your home, they simply re-circulate the air. This means for best results you should cool your house and then turn off your air conditioning for a bit leaving your fan to re-distribute the cold air without the high cost.

2. Grill, don’t bake

Your oven gives off a lot of heat. When it’s hot out, you want to avoid using an appliance that adds heat to your home and makes your air conditioning work double time. So if you have a grill, use it.

3. Hang your clothes outdoors

Another appliance adding significant heat to your home is your dryer. Take advantage of the natural heat and breeze by air drying your clothes outside. You’ll save money and you’re clothes will smell great from the fresh air – hopefully!

4. Invest in a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are simple, they keep your home warmer during the day when you’re gone and have it cooled before you get home. This saves money and energy because you’re not coming home to a warm house, changing the temperature, and then forcing your air conditioner to work harder. It allows your AC to change one degree at a time, using less energy.

5. Close doors

Seal off any room you’re not using. Why pay to cool a room you hardly use. Shut the vent and close the doors to keep the cold air where you want it.

Bonus: Get Active

The less time you spend indoors the less energy you’ll use. You can keep your air at a higher temp, you’ll decrease the use of lights, which also give off heat, and you’ll decrease the amount of electricity you’re using overall. Not to mention you’ll be able to spend more time catching Pokémon while you’re out and about.

What other ways do you maintain a lower summer energy bill?

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